Finance and Accountancy Salary Survey and Market Index

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In this day and age, it is important to have the right information to drive your business. Whether you are recruiting and need a salary guide to assist you or just want to keep an eye on the competition.

MRK Associates is proud to publish the MRK 2020/21 Finance and Accountancy Salary Survey. This survey focuses on Finance and Accountancy across North London and the Northern Home Counties, providing essential reading for both employers and job seekers. This survey offers valuable market trends and insights for the Qualified, Part & Non-Qualified and Transactional industry professionals.

It has been just over three years since the historic referendum to leave the European Union and in the intervening period, the brinkmanship by our politicians has been viewed through the goldfish bowl – everything has been played out in public. This is such an important time for all businesses, and whilst the Members in the Houses of Parliament have argued, voted and jostled, organisations in the UK have charged forward. Whilst many would have thought there would have been unease, it would appear decision makers are keen to drive forwards and make their own judgements and arrangements.

In times of nervousness, recruitment is one of the first items to be put on hold, but at MRK Associates we just haven’t witnessed it. Yes there have been some ups and downs in the market, but, across all interim, contract or permanent recruitment, we have worked with our clients and understood their needs; whether this has been on a like for like replacement basis for an existing member of the team, or for a more proactive recruitment strategy to manage any increase in demand. The latter highlights how businesses want to grow and have continued to grow even through times of uncertainty. They aren’t waiting for a decision as to our participation within the EU to be made.

Through our specialist consultants, each focusing in different core markets, we have continued working with candidates of all experiences from Ledger Clerks and Part Qualified studiers to newly qualified ACAs and Finance Directors. The resilience shown by candidates is remarkable and we’ll continue to match client need with candidate experience/ qualifications and expertise.

At MRK Associates, you’ll be pleased to hear we continue to grow. Since the days of 2011 when I first opened our doors, we’ve always aimed to provide a first-class service. Our growth is something I’m hugely proud of and we will continue to endeavour to be the best we can be. We hope this will give both jobseekers and employers confidence and peace of mind that we are best placed to help them.

At the time of writing, the Coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the world population, so we’ll have to see how this impacts the market once we return to work. We await what our ‘new normal’ looks like in reality. Please keep this guide close to help you with any hiring decisions, restructuring or information to aid any job moves through the next year.

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