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Keep skin glowing all winter long with our expert advice

When it’s cold outside and the central heating’s on, your skin can feel tight and dry. We spoke to Natasha Dauncey from Apothaka in Berkhamsted and Lucie Fountain from Elementary Skincare in Tring about keeping your skin looking good all winter.

1. Cover it

If you spend long periods of time outside – walking the dog or running – make sure you cover your skin. ‘A balaclava (there are some fashionable ones around!) can protect against broken capillaries,’ says Lucie.

2. Protect it

The sun may not seem bright, but the damaging UVA rays are pretty consistent all year round. ‘Moisturisers with SPF protection don’t usually have UVA protection as well as UVB,’ says Natasha. Choose a good quality sun cream for your face.

3. Cleanse it

It depends on your skin type, but look for a cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped of moisture. ‘Cleansing oils that rinse are great, as they remove dirt and leave skin soft,’ says Natasha. ‘Make sure a cleanser has a balanced pH – around 4.5 to 6.’

Lucie adds: ‘The evening cleanse is the most important to remove dirt, pollution and dead skin cells, and to give the skin a good canvas for its overnight replenishment.’

Try REN’s Cleanse & Reveal Hot Cloth Cleanser, £15 for 100ml.

4. Moisturise it

In the winter, skin loses oils, which need to be replaced.

‘Add a drop or two of skin oil to your usual moisturiser,’ says Natasha. ‘Also try a serum, which helps your skin hold on to moisture and protects the skin barrier.’

Editor Clare tried Apothaka’s Barrier Support Serum. It contains niacinamide and ceramides, great for all-round skin health. ‘After a month of use my skin felt noticeably less lined and less tight.’ A 10ml bottle costs £19.50.

5. Rehydrate it

Heating and cold weather can leave your skin dehydrated, tight and lined.

‘You need a decent moisturiser for the cold winter months – usually something heavier than your summer moisturiser,’ says Natasha. ‘Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin plump and soft.’

Men tend to have more active sebaceous glands, which leads to oilier skin, so try something that controls excess oil such as men-ü Matt Skin Refresh Gel, £15.95 online.

6. Exfoliate it

Exfoliation is essential for ensuring products are absorbed into the skin properly.

‘Once or twice a week is enough – any more and you risk stripping away the oils,’ explains Natasha.

For men, a daily shave is an excellent way of exfoliating. Otherwise, try microdermabrasion – a gentle but deep exfoliation that stimulates collagen at the same time.

Editor Clare tried it out at Elementary. Here’s how she got on:

‘I assumed microdermabrasion would leave my skin red and sore. I was wrong. It was a lovely gentle facial, which included CACI light therapy for cell growth, collagen stimulation and anti-bacterial properties. Afterwards my skin was glowing. Ideal as a monthly treatment with regular home exfoliation in between.’

Common Skin Problems

Problem: Dry/chapped lips

Solution: Make a lip scrub with honey and brown sugar, suggests Lucie. Leave for 5-10 minutes, remove and follow with lip balm.

‘Try a lip balm that contains lanolin, the ingredient found in nipple cream,’ suggests Natasha. She recommends Keihl’s Lip Balm, £10.

Problem: Dry, flaky skin

Solution: Strip back your routine and avoid harsh ingredients. A primer will give make-up a more even appearance and a facial spritz will keep moisture levels topped up.

Problem: Dry hands

Solution: Exfoliate with your usual body scrub for five minutes, then rinse. Mix 2tbsp of Jojoba oil and your favourite essential oil into a bowl of warm water and soak for 10 minutes, then apply hand cream.