How to Boost Your Energy and Your Metabolism

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Your energy level is often connected with the good health of your entire body including your mind,  emotions and spiritual fulfilment.

Here are a few main steps you may need to consider to boost your energy and metabolism:

Sunshine is the best remedy for vitamin D as it helps to assimilate calcium, the natural building mineral  for our bones, tissues and organs.

Walks in nature and regular exercise are very beneficial for your metabolism. Every season of the year has many gifts to offer. Learn to look for the brightest side in all months of the year. Your body is  naturally adjusting to the phases of the moon.

Wholsome diet is a key for your energy. It is recommended that it is full of fresh fruit and vegetables according to your body type with an occasional fasting day during the month.

Good night sleep is essential to maintain constant energy supply in the most efficient way for your  body. It also helps with metabolism as most of the regenerative processes happen whilst asleep.

Regular kinesiology treatments can improve your energy levels and many aspects of your life. As a  kinesiologist Ania Metcalfe uses gentle lymphatic massage, hold acupressure points, emotional release  techniques, food sensitivity testing and gives basic guidelines on diet. Every treatment is unique to meet your individual needs.

What is kinesiology? Kinesiology is a complete form of natural health care that uses muscle testing to  read the energetic bio feedback system from our bodies in order to find where certain health issues stem  from.

Benefits of Kinesiology Treatment

  • Increased energy level
  • Improved immune system
  • Pain relief
  • Happy digestive system
  • Finding the right food for your body via Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Reduced stress level

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