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Living Magazines Sorry I was Miles Away

Sorry, I Was Miles Away
By Mike Wall
Published by: Cow Roast Associated Publishing
Out now

Apparently Mike missed so much at school while staring out of the window, he thought he should revisit some of what he missed and see if it mattered. He found it didn’t!

This book covers everything from gravity to algebra, from Archimedes to Columbus and a lot more. It’s an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek read and will make a great stocking filler.

Mike lives on a narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal at Cow Roast. This is his second book; his first is titled ‘Me and Some Other Jokes’.

Betsie Valentine And The Honeybees
By Meriet Duncan
Published by: Tom & Tilly Ltd
Out now

Living Magazines Betsie Valentine And The HoneybeesYoung Betsie Valentine makes a wish and becomes a honeybee for a day. Follow her adventures around the garden and through the hive, where she learns all about making honey, and the roles of the various bees.

This charming book will entertain children and adults alike. It features beautiful and vibrant illustrations and is packed full of fascinating facts.

Meriet has a heartfelt passion for honeybees. She is a speaker, beekeeper and author. She travels around the UK giving talks and creating a buzz about the honeybee.

Around the World in 24 Hours
By Ruth Wallington
Published by: Hello Ruth
Out now

Living Magazines Around the World in 24 HoursWe fell in love with this beautiful little book as soon as we saw it – knowing it can be personalised for a child/children is just the icing on the cake!

This advent calendar story follows Santa’s journey around the world, and is designed to be read each night in December during the run-up to Christmas. Each page contains a little rhyme specific to the country and it’s delightfully illustrated. Absolutely perfect for your new family tradition!

Ruth was brought up in Dublin and now lives with her husband, two children and two cats – the dynamic duo – in Pitstone.

By Helen Pritchard, and Michelle and Christian Ewen
Out now

Living Magazines SheCan365 Book CoverBerkhamsted-based entrepreneur and business owner Haylee Benton owns three beauty spots in the town – Alchemy & I, Cecily Spa and Koha Skin Clinic – as well as PamperPad, dubbed the ‘TripAdvisor of the beauty industry’.

Her story appears along with 364 other tales of inspiring, entrepreneurial women, at different stages of their business journey, from start-up to seven-figure organisations.

It also supports CoppaFeel! – a national breast cancer awareness charity.