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Finding Linda
By JH Harris
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This novel introduces young WPC Janice Morton, who is juggling her workload with a desire to uncover the truth  about her childhood playmate’s disappearance 10 years earlier.

Author Julie Harris gave us her synopsis:

In the first of this (cosy) crime fiction series, Janice Morton doesn’t like her friend Linda very much. Even so, she is consumed with guilt when Linda disappears in 1964 after their midnight adventure into the orchard at the end of her garden. Keeping secrets from Detective Inspector Jarvis seemed like the right thing to do. Joining the police force ten years later seemed like the right thing to do.

Janice planned to acquire criminal investigation skills to succeed where the police failed. She hadn’t planned on seeing the detective again. He moves her to CID and reminds her of their first meeting. He knows she lied to him. He doesn’t know why.

In 1976, WPC Morton finally reveals almost everything she knows to Jarvis, terrified he will fire her from the job she loves. Janice fears her manipulative, self-centred nature could end up costing her career. Jarvis gives her Linda’s cold case to work on ‘when she has time’.

But Janice doesn’t have time. She’s twenty, frequenting nightclubs in sexy clothes looking for the elusive, enigmatic, charming Rob who she met on her first visit. If Linda is being held prisoner somewhere then Janice isn’t rushing to find her friend.

Gorgeous PC Nick Watson takes a friendly liking to her. He’s a pleasant distraction but it’s Rob she really wants. Rob has his secret, and it isn’t just fatal attraction.

Janice finally sets her mind to Finding Linda but fails to impress the furious Drug Squad Detective Superintendent who seems determined to have her thrown off the Force.

After all, if she’s so skilled in facial recognition why didn’t she spot the person intent on killing her?

This is a first-class read and we were hooked from page one. We can’t wait for the next book when Janice Morton  returns as a Sergeant.

Julie Harris lives in Tring with her husband, working part time at Brian Clark Opticians. Julie belongs to the Tring Writers’ Circle and meets with the members every fortnight.

Dear Grace
By Clare Swatman
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Out now

Dear Grace by Clare Swatman coverAnna is a carer and used to helping older people – but when she meets 94-year-old Grace, she discovers that her  charge has plans to help her too. As they share stories of their heartbreak – Anna’s from a recent divorce, and Grace from events during World War II – they discover that they have a lot in common, despite the age gap between them.  Can they both make peace with the past?

Set in and around Lowestoft in Suffolk, where Clare has many happy memories from spending time with her  grandparents, this heartwarming story will grab you from the start, as you warm to the two central characters. You  might need some tissues at the ready too!

Clare Swatman was a journalist for national women’s magazines including Bella, Best and Take a Break – and of  course is the former Editor of Tring Living and Berkhamsted Living Magazines! She lives in Berkhamsted with her  husband and two boys. She has written two former novels – Before You Go and The Mother’s Secret – and is currently working on her fourth.

Doing One’s Duty
By Mike Walsham
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Out now

Doing One's DutyFollowing on from his first book Monique, this is a thrilling tale about the Intelligence Service during World War II.  This historical novel follows the exploits of Andrew, who was recruited into the British Secret Intelligence Service in  1939 for his linguistic talents. His missions include joining one of the ‘small ships’ in the evacuation of British  Expeditionary Force soldiers out of Dunkirk, and persuading the King of Norway to accept exile in London rather  than fight against the Nazis. A fascinating story, which entwines real characters and events into a fictional tale, it is a  great read, especially for anyone interested in the history of the Second World War.

Mike lives in Ringshall, Little Gaddesden. His first book, Monique, was published in 2020.

Self Contained – Scenes from a Single Life
By Emma John
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Out now

Self Contained CoverSelf Contained is about living singly, and was written during the pandemic in a lovely thatched cottage on the  canalside in Marsworth, near Tring – a village which Emma says has been an absolute refuge for her, with its  reservoirs, fields, footpaths and the kind neighbourly community.

Those who have spent any time being single, whether during a pandemic or not will laugh wryly throughout. From  the very first page, this book wraps you in a snuggly blanket – the writing style has a warmth and familiarity about it which is oddly comforting. Make yourself a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Emma is a journalist and author. She was the first woman in the UK to win a Sports Journalism Award.

Progress of a Modern Pilgrim: My Life as an Ambassador of Faith and Film
By David Sullivan
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David Sullivan Progress of a Modern PilgrimDavid has lived in Berkhamsted for 24 years. His autobiography follows humanitarian work in North Korea, work in  China, acting work on major feature films and TV programmes and a summer in 1969 with the Yanomami South American Native Indian tribe. This is a fascinating insight into one man’s extraordinary life. David’s tales are like a  window into another world.

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