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Introducing the Feldenkrais Method

  • Would you benefit from some mindful ‘me-time’, to regenerate and rejuvenate?
  • Do you suffer from day-to-day aches and pains, such as wear and tear from standing all day,  working at a computer, uncomfortable seats or strenuous activity?
  • Do you feel limited by illness, injury or disability?

The Feldenkrais Method has the potential to benefit us all in some way. It offers a more fluid, skilful,  easy way of moving and also promotes a sense of confidence and wellbeing.

Come and sample an Awareness Through Movement class

  • Learn how to move with more ease
  • Gain relief from pain
  • Support recovery from injury
  • Enjoy one hour of uninterrupted self-care
  • Experience a unique approach to the ‘mind-body connection’

Using gentle awareness, we learn to make lasting changes in co-ordination, breathing, flexibility… to move through life more easily.

The learning process is intriguing yet relaxing, playful yet restful. The unusually slow and gentle movement sequences can be adapted to suit your needs and explored at your own pace.

You can also access the Feldenkrais Method through individual lessons with Jo Horder, tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Jo has been a Feldenkrais Guild accredited practitioner since 2013, offering in-person and online  classes.

Please get in touch for further information, with no obligation. First taster class free.

Contact Josephine Horder 01442 822732