Nailed It!

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Give yourself a hand and make sure your nails stand out this party season!

The shape of your nails can say quite a lot about you and your personality, and with so many shapes to choose from, you can say whatever you like!

Stiletto1. Stiletto

If you’re feeling bold and creative, this is the shape to choose if you want a bit of drama! A more extreme version of  the almond shape, so maybe try that first if you’re unsure. For acrylic and gel nails only.

Ballerina2. Ballerina

Because it looks like a dance slipper. For those who are trendy and in touch. Makes a statement whether left bare or  painted in a single colour.

Mountain Peak3. Mountain Peak

Sleek, smooth, sophisticated and cool. A shorter and pointier version of the stiletto.

4. Lipstick


Looking like a tube of lipstick, this slanted style will make you stand out in the crowd without being too eccentric.  Said to have been created by South Korea’s Eun Kyung Park (aka @nail_unistella), and a huge Instagram trend in  2020. If you want to get really creative, go for the swirled lipstick shape! Best for acrylic and gel nails.

Edge5. Edge

Appealing to the young and creative, this shape is ideal if you fancy pointed nails like the stiletto, but want something a little less extreme.

6. Oval


Like a round nail, but with the edges filed down the sides. Elegant and classy, this shape can help to make fingers  look more slender. Best kept reasonably short. Ideal for natural nails if they are long enough.

7. Almond


A more extreme version of the oval, with more filing down the edges, so it looks like an almond. This shape can be  used with acrylic or reinforced gel nails, if natural nails are too weak to keep the structure. For those who want to  look more unique. Looks best in a nude or pastel colour, and makes shorter fingers look longer. You’ll need medium to long nails for this.


8. Square

Seen as conservative and strong, this style sees nails filed flat on the top with straight, sharp corners. A good shape to choose if you have short nails or if your nail beds are long and narrow.

Squoval9. Squoval

Love square nails but not the straight corners? Then the squoval is for you! Flattering for most nail types. Easy to  maintain and less prone to breakage, the wearer is likely to be easy going.

Rounded10. Rounded

This is a classic shape and perfect if you like to keep your nails shorter. Easy to look after and perfect if you can’t  grow your nails long. Wearers are considered laid-back and quieter.

Flare11. Flare

For someone stylish who wants to stand out from the crowd. This shape flares upward and out. For acrylic and gel  nails only – unless you have super-strength natural nails!

Arrowhead12. Arrowhead

A shorter, softer – and more practical – version of the stiletto. Can be used for natural nails, as long as they are long and thick, as well as gels and acrylics.

Christmas trends

Living Magazines Multicolored nail polish on artificial plastic nails close upTake a look at some of your favourite Christmas decorations and echo their colours and sparkle in your nail designs.

If you prefer a more minimalist nod to the festive season, choose your favourite colour and add just one glittery,  sparkly nail or Christmas design for a classy festive design.

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about red, greens and golds. Choose an icy blue theme that will take you through to  New Year, with just a touch of ‘Frozen’ about it. Tiny jewels add a 3D effect.

Go Nordic with a classic red and white design that wouldn’t look out of place in Santa’s Lapland workshop!