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We put a brand new treatment to the test

Most of us dream of looking younger without having to go under the knife, don’t we? As we age, our skin thins and produces less collagen, all of which combines to make our skin look older and more wrinkled.

Plasma Pen treatment is a brand new treatment which works in lots of different ways; it tightens skin almost instantly, while also working underneath the skin to help it produce more collagen to give effects which last for years.

So, when I was given the chance to try it out, I was hardly going to refuse now was I?

Penny Cook, owner of Penelope Plasma, was kind enough to offer the treatment to both me and our publisher, Alison. Here’s how we got on.

Under-eye area and crow’s feet

I was the guinea pig and had the treatment first. When Penny explained that there was a period of a few days following the treatment when I’d look less than my best, while a crust formed on the treated area, I was a little nervous. I have to do the school run every day and it was only March – hardly sunglasses weather!

She explained the treatment in detail and then we arranged for her to come round one evening. She set up the couch in my living room and got to work. First she numbed the area she was going to treat and, while that kicked in, set up her Plasma Pen. Then I was ready to go!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. In some places I couldn’t feel the laser at all, while in others it felt sore and Penny stopped to apply more numbing cream. It took roughly 20 minutes per eye, but I felt at ease because Penny was so professional. She pre-warned me that it gave off an odd burning smell so I was prepared – but it’s a little disconcerting!

Immediately afterwards the area under my eyes was covered in tiny dots, but it looked more taut than it had done in years.

The next day it was a little swollen and I hid behind my sunglasses. In fact, I had to hibernate for about five days until I felt comfortable taking my glasses off in public. You can’t apply creams or make-up to it while it heals, but Penny does give you Aloe Vera gel, which takes away much of the tightness and swelling. The feeling is a little bit like mild sunburn, but no worse.

By day six most of the crust had disappeared completely and I was even able to apply a bit of make-up to the area. It looked pretty good.

Tightening continues to improve over the next 12 weeks, as more collagen is produced. By week five I could already see a reduction in the crow’s feet and wrinkles under my eyes – there had been one line that had been particularly deep that I only noticed when I took a photo just before the treatment, and that has already improved dramatically.

I’m very pleased with the result, although I do think for optimum results I’d probably need a second treatment after the 12 weeks are up. Who knows, I might just go for it!


Interestingly, Alison chose to have her treatment on her jawline and the recovery was much longer than under the eyes. She also suffered some sort of allergic reaction, although we’re not sure what to.

Of course everyone is different, but different areas also take longer to heal than others, so you do need to be prepared for a longer downtime if that does happen. To be sure, I’d recommend having the patch test.

At the time of going to press, it’s only been three weeks since Alison’s treatment was completed, so it’s a bit early to tell results, but she is hopeful!

For more details go to or call Penny on 07940 570878.

DISCLAIMER: As there are possible side effects depending on your skin, we highly recommend a patch test before having the full treatment.