The Eighties Fashion Revival

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The era that provoked a fashion and music revolution is being celebrated right now, and it’s not too late to jump on the fashion trend of the year – Eighties revival!

All that glitters is not gold

In fact it can be silver, blue, pink, vermillion, turquoise, or any colour as long as the overall look is drop-dead fabulous. Think feathers, sequins and of course, Lamé. With such ostentation however, it’s still important to keep this look modern, so choose a sleek and slinky silhouette, keep makeup natural and go easy on the accessories.

Give winter the cold shoulder

Reviving the classic Eighties asymmetric look, and proving that those were simpler times, one perfectly exposed clavicle would always do. Keep it current by choosing muted colours and going for a structural statement rather than anything flouncy or frilly.

The power pose

Women may have been able to vote for 100 years, but the power suit only became a thing in the Eighties. Not just for important board meetings; worn right the perfect suit will take you from the office to the dancefloor, and looks good in almost every colour.

While the structure of the power suit hasn’t changed – broad shoulder, slender waist, big impact – the overall feel is more feminine, with a silky blouse or underlayer and killer heels.

Be the prom queen once again

Why not roll back the years with the latest incarnations of the tulle skirt, albeit with perhaps a touch sultrier sophistication than would have been played out in the era of Pepsi and Shirlie. Keep it short and punky or long and elegant, just don’t over accessorise.

Padding it out

Living Magazines Eighties Fashion Shoulder Pads shutterstock_304721780Shoulder pads are back in fashion with the classic Eighties accentuation possibly having shown to reach its peak with this bold, horizontal look.

Yes, the comparisons with American Football player silhouettes will always be there, but the shoulder pads actually served as really smart, artificial boost to women with small frames who just wanted to show a bit more of themselves to the world. And thanks to the Eighties revival, they now can again!


The versatility of the bodysuit means it’s a piece for any occasion. It is a tight, comfortable and versatile foundation piece that looks sleek, either in accentuating a slight frame or being used as a bottom layer for a larger jacket or puffy top.

Bodysuits look best when worn with wide-leg trousers or even a flowy skirt – the tightness of the top half and the carefree movement of the lower half works in perfect complement, for a classic Eighties look.

Living Magazines Eighties Fashion leggings and gloves shutterstock_1537651463Love a glove

Gloves seemed to define a coolness of the Eighties. From Michael Jackson to acid house, the glove was a music moniker that permeated through to the high street, and they were back again in the summer, proving fashion over function truly exists!

Legging it

Finally, a nod to the legwarmers of the Eighties. While these had been around before the decade that changed fashion forever, their recent revival shows they have evolved, largely with different fabrics and shades.

Once just the domain of professional dancers and workout queens looking to avoid cramp, they are perfectly repurposed for 2022.