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Towns of Two Halves
by David Guest
Rosewood Publishing, £8 paperback, £3.47 on ebook, Amazon.
Former Berkhamsted Living Editor, Sub Editor, roving news reporter and tea maker extraordinaire, David Guest has just released his second book, Towns of Two Halves. Described as a ‘tourist’s guide to football towns,’ it is just that, plus much much more.

The premise of the book is that David, over a period of many years, has visited all 92 football stadiums in England and, while doing so, has learned more about each town. So while he does tell us much about each town – who knew that Brentford had a water museum for example? – he also intersperses it with his own personal story at the time, as well as the fate of his beloved Oldham Athletic, the team he’s spent most of his life (blindly) following.

The result is a charming, funny and heartwarming story about football (a bit), but mostly about England, its people and all its quirks and foibles. It’s perfect for football fans, non football fans, readers and non-readers – and you can devour it in one sitting, or dip in and out as you please.

I urge you to give it go – you won’t be disappointed! CS