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Tucked away in a quiet street just off Tring High Street is a dedicated yoga studio offering a nurturing environment in which to explore how yoga can transform your life. In our over-stimulated and stressful lives, yoga gifts us the time to slow down and focus inwards. Connecting body, mind and breath which allows us to reach a deep state of relaxation and peace. TYS are committed to offering a wide of range of classes to suit all tastes and levels of experience and are passionate about building a welcoming and diverse yoga community.

Yoga is well known for increasing strength and flexibility but it has many other benefits, for example, helping to support stress management, mental health, healthy eating and improving sleep. It is also a superb way to increase performance in many sports activities.

Tring Yoga Studio GroupPauline, the founder of TYS says: ‘If you think yoga is all just about sitting around chanting and meditating (although sometimes this is exactly what we do) then think again. At TYS we believe yoga is for everybody. Whatever your age, level of fitness or availability there is something for everyone. We have a wide variety of classes from wonderfully relaxing Yin to high energy Ashtanga. If you are at the start of your yoga journey, the beginners class is for you. When you feel ready the next step would be gentle flow. But if you’re after something more challenging, why not try Strength Core & More which is not for the faint-hearted. Here’s some feedback received after a recent class: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… fingers crossed! Amazing class!!’ For those wanting something a little more rhythmic there is Yogi Barre, which is a fusion of yoga and ballet. Or for an all over body workout which draws influence from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates try the Synergy class.

TYS’ fun and confidence-boosting Aerial classes use the support of a soft suspended hammock which will take you to new heights. Almost every part of the body is encouraged to move and stretch, toning, strengthening and rehabilitating all the muscles and joints in the process. You are also able to invert the body, allowing the spine to decompress. The hammock also opens to create a wonderful relaxing cocoon.

The studio has an amazing ‘First Drop In’ offer of £5 which allows you to join any class of your choice, after which you can use the ’14-Day Offer’ to try many different class styles and teachers. A great way to find the perfect combination of classes for you as you get started on your yoga journey.

Since re-opening after the Covid lockdowns TYS are still running classes with a maximum of 12 people and have other Covid regulations in place to give their yogis all the space they need to stay safe. But for those unable to make it into the studio, for whatever reason, many of their classes are also live streamed via Zoom. Contract members also have access to a separate platform with hundreds of recorded classes, meaning they can practice with their favourite teachers at any time, whether at home or on holiday.

So why not head to Albert Street to start your journey to health in body mind and spirit and also be part of this fantastic yoga community?