Velvet Dreams

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Once again, velvet is the fabric of the season, but like all interior trends, it’s important you get the perfect balance for your home.

Simple appeal

Velvet is the timeless material that patterns and makes perfect such a range of items, despite having a largely streamlined appeal – the way it feels.

Regardless of the fact that what most of us admire about the fabric is simply that sensation on our hands, there is a deeper sensual nature about velvet. It also adds warmth, offers a depth of colour, and paints a subtle luxuriousness to any home.

Perhaps what stands out most about velvet though is its ability to cross over so many different moods and styles. It is timeless in its appeal and can look as good in a stately home as it does in a trendy nightclub!

Following the trend

The main consideration is colour – too much scarlet or purple velvet and you might feel trapped in some eternal cabaret; but lilac, midnight blue, forest green and mustard add sophistication and warmth.

People with kids and pets ought to stick to the darker end of the spectrum, or perhaps choose to use velvet in areas that are less accessible to those who might damage it.

Furniture and flashes

In terms of the items that showcase velvet best, most people will automatically think about a classically styled sofa or chaise longue. Complemented with velvet cushions using contrasting colours, you can turn a simple sofa into a statement piece in the room.

In addition, velvet bed frames and banquettes are available in a range of very modern styles, and can add a real touch of class to the bedroom in the right shade.

Alternatively, feel free to play around with flashes of the fabric here and there, either with curtains or lampshades, or even just a very subtle velvet trim. You could also combine the look with the current texture trend. Think leather sofas with velvet cushions, wooden beds with linen sheets and velvet throws, or a stone mantlepiece adorned with quilted photo frames.


While velvet is made with the use of vertical yarn and takes multiple steps to produce, there is a common misconception that it’s difficult to maintain.

In most cases though, looking after it is as easy as any other fabric. That means mopping up any spillages as soon as they happen (and definitely not letting them sink into the cloth base), vacuuming with a sofa brush to work away dust and any dried-in crumbs, and using light steam to bring fibres back to life.

Also consider if a part of your velvet sofa will take in more sunlight than another part, as the fabric is susceptible to fading.