Free Salt to Grit Your Streets This Winter

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Hertfordshire County Council is offering resident and community groups free salt to grit their streets as they begin to gear up for the winter months.

The Council is also offering salt to schools, parish and town councils.

Resident and community groups may apply for up to 680kg of salt, while schools can ask for up to 1 tonne. The salt is for use on the public highway only, not private property, and the Council can only make one delivery at the beginning of winter.

Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “It may seem quite early to be thinking about snow and ice, but last winter showed how important it is to be prepared. We’ll be ordering thousands of tonnes of salt for the county’s main roads and while we’re doing that it seems sensible to order some for resident and community groups, or parish and town councils, who want to help keep their local roads and pavements clear. Our gritters can’t get everywhere, so it’s a real help when local groups are willing to do their bit too.”

Click here for more advice and to complete your application, which must be received no later than 31st October.