From the Heart of Herts to the Foothills of Mount Elgon, Uganda

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An exhibition of images taken during an expedition to the foothills of Mount Elgon in Uganda to document the work and story of Evergreen Africa will be held at The Black Gallery, Silk Mill Business Park from Sat 7 to Sat 21 September.

About Evergreen Africa

In just five years, Evergreen Africa has helped prevent cholera breaking out on the ridge through Community Health Practitioners (known as CHPs), set up Village Savings and Loan schemes, helped income-generation through a goat programme, made the programmes self-sustaining with a coffee roasting facility and now setting up a market garden.  The region is beautiful. Stunning. The people are warm, lovely, sense of humour. But live in abject poverty.

‘Evergreen Africa’s existing programmes form the foundation of a greater ambition to help release 25,000 people out of abject poverty along the ridge. The area is quite inaccessible, so aid and support is lacking as it’s difficult to access the area. In the rains it is treacherous, mud slides, hundreds have lost their homes and lives in the area. Even when we were there we were stuck, the 4×4 slipping sideways down the hills. But still people are smiling, welcoming,’ said Paul Voltzenlogel, founder of Evergreen Africa.

‘In this exhibition we show you the people there, share a smile with them, listen to their stories, imagine you too are 9,000 feet above sea level, head in the clouds, children are singing in the schools, cows lowing, goats shuffling around by your feet and know that just by your visit you are helping to make a difference,’ said Vanessa Champion, founder of PhotoAid Global and photographer of the exhibition.

‘We are grateful for PhotoAid Global supporting us not just with the photography but also helping organise this exhibition, which will form part of a touring show,’ continued Paul.

If you are a business or philanthropist, there are opportunities for you to get involved, make a fundamental change and leave a lasting legacy. Please do get in touch, and share some time with the Founder of Evergreen Africa.