Go for gold at Gaddesden RDA

Gaddesden Place RDA 50 for 50

Gaddesden Place is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and is encouraging supporters to help raise funds.

The organisation’s 50 for 50 fundraising campaign challenges you/your team to accomplish and get sponsorship for 50 things, no matter how big or small, to fundraise for its 50th anniversary.

From small acts of kindness to daring feats of courage, every effort counts. It could be to walk, ride, run, swim 50 miles/km/laps, play 50 golf holes, a sponsored silence for 50 hours, make and sell 50 cupcakes… you get the idea!

Whatever your idea, sign up and join in at app.goodhub.com/rda50for50 to make your own sponsorship page that you can share with family and friends.