Good news for Recycling in Dacorum

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It has been confirmed that Dacorum residents are recycling more than they throw away as recycling continues to be on the rise in Dacorum.

No doubt helped by the recycling efforts in both Tring and Berkhamsted (click on either link to find out more), the new recycling rate for 2017/2018 has been confirmed as 52.5% across Dacorum, which is up on last year’s 51.2%.

The Council has a target of reaching 60% recycling and are working on numerous projects to help improve recycling from both flats and schools, as well as making information clearer for all residents about recycling at home.

If you’re not sure what can be recycled, visit Dacorum’s website at to find out what can be placed into the individual bins or send your specific questions by email to:

Click on the link to read the full press release.