Government Consultation on Planning Reform Closes 29 October

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The Government Consultation on Planning Reform ‘Planning for the Future’: Closes 29 October and the Chiltern Countryside Group encourages you to participate.

You have probably heard about this, maybe even read the Consultation documents. This is the most important and far-reaching planning reform proposal since the Town & Country Planning Act of 1947 and responses are called for from the general public, as well as businesses and organisations.

The Steering Group believes it is imperative that we do what we can to protect ‘our green and pleasant land’.

Whilst recognising that people need homes, these need, as the planning document states, to be in the right place and affordable. We have the opportunity here to reinforce the equally important need to protect and value our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, our National Parks and the essential Green Belt, which places a ring of green, tranquil and accessible spaces around our towns and conurbations, improving the quality of life for all who live there.

The consultation is now open until 29 October 2020 and can be accessed using this link:

Do please participate in this, even with just a few phrases stressing the importance of the AONBs, National Parks and Green Belt. It is so important that members of the public have their say and it is not solely the strident voices of developers and large building companies which are heard.

Do please also write to your local MP. At least 3 of our local Chiltern MPs were newly elected in 2019 and are still getting to know their constituents – this is an ideal opportunity to flag up your individual concerns and thoughts and those of your community to them.

Remember, together we give power to the message.

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