Green up the Workplace with a Gardening Competition

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The National Garden Gift Voucher (NGGV) scheme has launched a workplace gardening competition in a bid to green up the office and boost workers’ health and well-being.

With the evidence mounting that gardening really is good for you, this competition aims to encourage workers to take a few minutes out of their day to connect with nature and improve their wellness, productivity and creativity.

  • A study by the new University of Technology in Sydney reported a 37% reduction in tension and anxiety levels among workers provided with plants at work compared with a control group.
  • A study by the University of Exeter found that introducing plants into a previously sparse workplace increased productivity by 15%.
  • According to Human Spaces’ study, staff in workplaces with natural elements such as plants and natural light reported levels of creativity 15% higher than staff in workplaces without these elements.

There are four fun growing activities that office teams can take part in: Chilli-off, Window sill salad, Build a car park allotment and Ticklish plants.

Teams can post a photo or video of their growing activity on the NGGV Facebook page, using the hashtag #GIGFY (Gardening is good for you).

The competition runs to 31 July and weekly winners will receive a £50 National Garden Gift Voucher.

Visit the HTA website to find out more.