Have your say on how to improve sexual violence support services in Herts

Living Magazines Hertfordshire Sexual Abuse Consultation

Victims of sexual violence and professionals are being asked for their experiences and ideas to improve support services in Hertfordshire.

The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, is working with NHS England to review how those affected by sexual assault and abuse, and their families, could be best supported.

Currently the two organisations along with Hertfordshire Constabulary, fund and support Herts SARC (Sexual Abuse Referral Centre) in Hemel Hempstead which provides forensic medical examinations as well as supporting victims of sexual crimes emotionally, practically and through the criminal justice system.

An Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) is assigned to each victim to support them through risk assessments, organising counselling and any court processes, if appropriate. Advisors also confidentially support victims who self-refer and who do not wish to report the abuse as a crime.

Now in a bid to make sure that the best service is being offered, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office has launched a consultation to explore how the service can be improved.

Victims, families and those who work with people affected by sexual violence are being asked to share their ideas and take a survey. The survey aims to find out what matters most to individuals in Hertfordshire.

You are encourage to share your stories through a dedicated website at hertfordshiresexualabuseconsultation.com.

Partners, colleagues and professionals are also being asked to give their ideas on what changes are needed, including fresh ideas.

The PCC’s office would like to know what matters most to individuals in Hertfordshire so that they can build future services around your priorities and needs.

The consultations will run until 16 May 2020.