Have Your Say on Tring Skatepark

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Dacorum Borough Council, working in partnership with Tring Town Council, is investing in Tring Skatepark in Pound Meadow, Tring and giving local residents and skatepark users an opportunity to put across their views and suggestions.

The success of skateboarding at the Olympics has only served to ramp up the interest in the sport with more people flocking to skate shops and parks. In addition, with the impact of Covid-19, now is the time to invest in outdoor activities for communities as well as feeding into the bigger public health picture around exercise.

Tring Skatepark, was first installed over 20 years ago and comprises of a number of metal ramps on a tarmac base. When initially put in place, it was in line with the facilities of the time but since then has been surpassed by other venues as well as nearing the end of its useable lifespan.

Down to the hard work of the current skatepark users and Tring Youth Council, including presenting to Tring Town Council in September 2020, funding has been agreed in partnership between Tring Town Council and Dacorum Borough Council to renew the skateboarding facilities and make it fit for purpose for users of today, tomorrow and future years.

An initial design has been put together but it is important to gather the views and input from the community including current users of the skatepark. This will then be used to feed into the final design which will be used as part of a tender exercise for selecting a supplier to take this renewal forward.

The design is looking at a concrete skatepark, which will be quieter than the current metal facilities as well as providing a better surface to skate on, be more hard wearing and require less maintenance. As part of the renewal, the intention is to remove the current fence that is around the skatepark to open it up more and be a friendlier venue.

The survey can be viewed at www.dacorum.gov.uk/tringskatepark. The closing date for responses is Wednesday 1 December 2021.