Hearts Commemorate End of WW1

Living Magazines WW1 Remembrance by Valerie House

Bucks County Museum is marking the end of WW1 with an exhibition of embroidered hearts and a talk on the representation of women in the war.

The Embroiderers’ Guild invited their members to take part in the commemoration of the ending of WW1 by stitching an original design on a fabric heart. The designs could depict any aspect of the war from the battlefields, ships, planes, military insignia and war horses. Local and regional artists have also interpreted personal stories using cloth and thread as both a medium and metaphor, allowing them to explore common themes of war – such as loss, hope, bravery and comradeship – in unique and thought-provoking ways.

12 venues around the country were chosen to display the hearts, Bucks County Museum being one, and at each venue there is a different mixture of pieces made by local members.

Come and see these intricate and evocative pieces of work all done in fabric and thread that commemorate this historic event. The Bucks County Museum display also includes photographic portraits of men and women from Bucks whose lives were affected by the war. Entry by donation. The exhibition runs until 12 January 2019.

Special WW1 Talk

Fighting on Different Fronts: Representations of Women in the First World War

Thursday 8 November, 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Peter Vass from Oxford Brookes University, examines the way women were represented in propaganda in the First World War and considers how these ‘altered images’ marked a change in the perception of women and their role in society. £5 per person. To book call 01296 331441 or visit www.buckscountymuseum.org