Hemel Hempstead Business Park Acts on National Relaxation Day

Living Magazines National relaxation day at Breakspear Park

A Hemel Hempstead business park has raised awareness on National Relaxation Day by offering all employees a neck, shoulder and back massage to ease away unnecessary tension and restore balance.

Breakspear Park commissioned a local beauty therapist, specialising in massage, to visit the offices on 15 August and give all employees the opportunity of a helping and healing hands-on 30-minute treatment.

The initiative fell under Breakspear Park’s ‘Park Life’ campaign which aims to help achieve a better work life balance for all employees.

Dina Mistry, Marketing Manager of Breakspear Park, commented: ‘We are committed to help improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who works here. It is paramount that businesses look after their workforces to ensure happy and engaged employees. We look forward to hosting further events for staff to benefit from.’

For more information on Breakspear Park and the extensive facilities it offers, please visit www.breakspearpark.com.