Here be Dragons!

Chiltern Open Air Museum St George

‘Here be dragons,’ Medieval fun for all the family this St George’s weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Chiltern Open Air Museum is celebrating the patron saint of England this weekend with knights in shining armour, mounted combat demonstrations, and battles with ferocious fire breathing beasts.

Expert medieval reenactors will show visitors just how knights prepared to take on mythical creatures on their gallant quests in days gone by. Once clad in their heavy armour they will take to the field on horseback to hone their jousting and combat skills.  All essential practice when about to face the ultimate challenge of slaying a dragon!

There is a dragon quest around the Museum for youngsters to help the knights seek out their pray and all the family can join in with some the knights training. Under strict supervision of the Dragon Master, of course.

The action takes place at the centre of the 45-acre site of Chiltern Open Air Museum between 11am and 3pm on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May. Leaving ample time for families to explore the 37 historic buildings on the site that show how people lived and worked in our area over the last 2,000 years.

Enthusiastic Museum volunteers sporting period costumes will be around the buildings helping to bring history to life.

COAM General Manager, Helen Light said: ‘St Georges is always a great weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum. The children love the knights on their horses and frankly who doesn’t love a dragon? With the weather set fair we are expecting a weekend of fun, and celebration fit for a saint.’

Full details via the website: George and the Dragon.