Hertfordshire County Council Launches Innovative Sustainable Construction Design Guide

Hertfordshire County Council Sustainable Construction Guide

Hertfordshire County Council is proud to announce the release of its Sustainable Construction Design Guide, marking a significant milestone in the council’s journey towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

Aligned with the Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy, initially published in 2020 and revised most recently in 2023, this innovative guide lays out a comprehensive roadmap for the decarbonisation of new build projects across various sectors in Hertfordshire. Recognising the urgent need to address carbon emissions, building decarbonisation has been identified as a top priority within the strategy.

The Sustainable Construction Design Guide has been developed to facilitate the delivery of low carbon council-led new build projects, with a particular focus on achieving net zero carbon in operation. While the guidelines primarily target new builds, they also offer valuable insights for retrofit projects.

Cllr Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, said: ‘This guide represents a significant step towards realising our commitment to carbon neutrality. By providing comprehensive guidance for sustainable construction practices, we aim to lead by example and inspire others to embrace environmentally responsible development.’

One exemplary project showcasing the council’s commitment to sustainability is The Valley School, the first net zero carbon in operation (NZCiO) new build school project undertaken by Hertfordshire County Council. With biodiverse green roofs and onsite solar panels generating over half of its electricity needs, The Valley School sets a new standard for environmentally conscious construction.

David Pearce, headteacher of The Valley School, emphasising the benefits of the sustainable design, said: ‘The environmental efficiency not only reduces our ecological footprint but also enables us to allocate more resources to the education of our students, enriching their learning experience.’

Furthermore, the project exemplifies the council’s dedication to biodiversity conservation, with timber offcuts repurposed for educational initiatives and onsite installations of bird boxes and bug hotels to enhance local ecosystems.

Cllr Roberts recently visited The Valley School to witness the impact of the sustainable development firsthand, underscoring the council’s commitment to improving SEND provision and fostering responsible growth in Hertfordshire.

The Sustainable Construction Design Guide reflects Hertfordshire County Council’s dedication to building a greener, more sustainable future for its residents and communities.

For more information on Hertfordshire County Council’s sustainability initiatives, please visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/microsites/sustainable-hertfordshire.

Watch Cllr Richard Roberts introduce Hertfordshire’s Sustainable Construction Design Guide at The Valley School.