Hertfordshire Mum Building App for Women who Work from Home

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Danielle Wallington, mum of 2 boys living in Hertfordshire, is building an app that will allow women who work from home to book laptop-friendly spaces in their local area.

The app, WRKHERE, aims to combat the isolation that working from home brings. It will allow users to use their phone to search and reserve spaces at local places, where they can work, plus connect them to people they can work with at the wrkhere co-working meet-ups and events.

Danielle Wallington set up WRKHERE after feeling lonely and isolated whilst working from home. She began to forge relationships with local cafés and other women who were in need of a WiFi connection and a change of scenery.

‘WRKHERE will be the first and only app for women who work from home to book local, laptop-friendly spaces they can work from. There is nothing else like wrkhere on the market specifically designed for women’s needs many of our users are parents and working flexibly around childcare or caring responsibilities.’

Danielle believe that having an inspiring place to work shouldn’t be the thing that holds women back.

‘Right now, there are women across the country who given the opportunity, would revolutionise the world of work and business in their own unique way. But they can’t, because the cards are stacked against them. They are isolated, without access to inspiring places to get stuff done that works around their lifestyle.

‘A place to get work done that isn’t the kitchen table and with enough flexibility to fit into the work-life needs

‘I am currently crowdfunding to be able to build the app, as only 1% of VC funding is given to female founders, and the response we’ve had so far has been amazing. We have lots of local businesses onboard and the community support has been incredible.’

Danielle has raised nearly £9k so far, and is aiming to raise £18,618 overall.

You can find out a bit more here: wrkhere.com