Hertfordshire Mum Launches Hypnobirthing Pregnancy and Birth App

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A local hypnobirthing teacher from Hertfordshire has launched a new app which combines the professional know-how of an experienced midwife with the mindful pregnancy and birth preparation skills that she teaches in her hypnobirthing classes.

Founder of The Mindful Birth Group®, which has hypnobirthing classes in Hertfordshire and around the UK by trained teachers, Emiliana Hall, from Tring, has now co-created My Mindful Midwife®.

Billed as ‘the app for every birth’ she is hoping the app will change the landscape of the pregnancy and birth app sector as it is the only one to embrace both physiological and abdominal birth choices.

The app was co-created by practicing midwife, Anneke Brown, from Komu and Emiliana who has taught celebrities such as Millie Mackintosh, Kate Lawler, Ashley James, Georgia Kousoulou and Dr Zoe Williams. The duo’s mission is to ensure that everyone is supported through their pregnancy and birth, however they journey to pregnancy and however they are choosing to birth their baby. Sexual orientation and routes to pregnancy have been carefully considered when designing this app.

Mum of two, Emiliana, 36, said: ‘We know pregnancy can feel overwhelming, so the simple interface is purposely free of clutter for a mindful and calming experience. Practicing mindfulness during pregnancy and birth can transform someone’s experience from being full of fear and anxiety, to being enjoyable and calm. The design and language are fully inclusive of all sexual orientations and routes to pregnancy.  The wave timer is going to be a completely new experience for hypnobirthing parents as it promotes familiarity through the personalised photo backgrounds and calm with the mindful language used.’

My Mindful Midwife® is different from the other pregnancy and birth support apps on the market as it is only pregnancy app that allows parents to follow  their pregnancy and birth journey in a hypnobirthing and mindfulness friendly way.

The customisable app:

  • Allows you to choose your birth preference (physiological or abdominal birth) and see information tailored to that preference. If your birth preference changes at any time, just switch it over with the flick of a button
  • Has a hypnobirthing friendly wave (contraction) timer for which users can upload their own personal oxytocin-friendly background picture or use the app’s calming wave animation to support and guide them through their waves and share the log with their health care provider so they can understand when active labour is starting
  • Contains guided Mindful relaxation audios for the birthing person and birth partner
  • Contains midwife led information audios for both abdominal and physiological birth scenarios so you know what to expect on the birth-day
  • Allows you to personalise the App to include your baby’s nickname throughout
  • Notifies the user with beautiful hand drawn weekly updates for your baby and your body’s development
  • Shares weekly positive affirmations
  • Includes a suggested hypnobirthing friendly birth bag packing list for you, your baby and birth partner, tailored to your birth preference
  • Has a ‘must have’ contact list to store all the important birth and postnatal contacts in one accessible place.

The app is the latest in the pairs range of products that they have co-created to support expectant parents. During the pandemic they create the Mindful Birth, Bump & Beyond online course which is the first combined hypnobirthing, antenatal and postnatal course and proved invaluable to help parents-to-be learn at a time when face to face support was restricted.

Midwife Anneke added: ‘Becoming a parent is such a momentous, life changing occasion that we wanted to design an app which empowered that birth experience through knowledge and support, to ensure it is as positive and calming one as it can be.

‘I’ve long been an advocate of the effectiveness of hypnobirthing in the labour journey, so I am delighted that we have managed to combine both the healthcare side with the principles of hypnobirthing to produce such a fantastic product.’

The app is just £3.99 and is available for IOS and Android.

For more information please visit www.mymindfulmidwife.com