Hertfordshire Mum Launches Sauces in Waitrose

Living Magazines Tanya's Just Real range of sauces available at Waitrose

Berkhamsted-based mum of two Tanya Lambert has launched Tanya’s Just Real sauces in Waitrose & Partners stores across the UK from 27 May.

Tanya Lambert produces fresh cold pressed sauces which have no added salt, refined sugar or preservatives and will keep in the fridge for 30 days (14 days once opened). They are naturally vegan and free from wheat, gluten, dairy and lactose. The first of their kind in the UK, they can be enjoyed hot or cold, as sauces, marinades, dressings and dips.

The flavours which landed in Waitrose & Partners on 27 May are Fiery Fiasco, Teriyaki Malarkey and Smokey Cokey and will sit near the chicken. Following the initial launch, Waitrose will extend its offering from Tanya’s Just Real with Beetroot Cahoot, Minted Mayhem and Cucumber Blunder, all of which are available in the fresh produce aisle alongside prepared salads from 16 June. This dual positioning demonstrates the unique versatility of this new level of healthy convenience introduced by Tanya’s Just Real.

Tanya set up the business to help families create quick, tasty and nutritious dishes from scratch, after struggling to find a meal solution that would do the job for her own family. As an ardent campaigner for physical health and mental well-being, Tanya is incredibly passionate about supporting family mealtimes.

Tanya comments: ‘Tanya’s Just Real is just that – just real food, fresh ingredients, absolutely nothing else added – no salt, refined sugar or preservatives. I want to make it easy for people to enjoy fresh, healthy food that absolutely wows.’

Packed with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit, the products are prepared using ‘high pressure processing’, more commonly known as cold-pressed, which significantly extends the shelf life. Unlike pasteurisation, this process ensures the nutritional values, taste and textural qualities of the fresh ingredients are retained.

From stir fries to salad, fish to meat, this first to market sauce offers an easy way to encourage everyone to eat well and stay healthy, both in body and mind without compromising on great taste.

A recent study with teenagers found that reductions in the quality of their diet resulted in worse mental health, and that an improved diet led to positive changes in their mental health. Another study found that consuming foods with high saturated fat and high added sugar impaired brain function in just one week. Whilst as a nation, on average, we eat a third more salt than is recommended — 8g a day according to Public Health England, rather than the suggested 6g (a little more than a teaspoon).

Tanya said: ‘Good mental health is a subject close to my heart. More and more research confirms there is an irrefutable link between gut health and mental health. It has never been more important to look after ourselves. We want to make life a little easier, healthier and tastier for everyone.’

With an RRP of £3.00, the sauces will launch on promotion for £2.25 over a four-week period in over 200 Waitrose & Partners stores nationwide.

  • Fiery Fiasco: Lives up to its name — Fruity sweet initial taste of pineapple, cucumber and tomato, with a building, lasting chilli heat. Perfect for heat lovers to add a kick to an everyday meal or delicious with smashed avocado.
  • Teriyaki Malarkey: Rich flavours of soy, sesame and fennel with sweetness from grapes and plums and back notes of 5 spice. Great for stir fries or simply coat chicken and cook.
  • Smokey Cokey: Perfect for a summertime BBQ, this sauce provides a raw twist of freshness on the typical BBQ sauce. Vibrant in colour and with sweet building smokiness from smoked paprika, hints of carrot, sweetcorn, tomato, & garlic.
  • Minted Mayhem: Real fruit and veg with a minty edge, this is delightful with chicken, lamb, new potatoes or seafood and works great as a dressing or dip.
  • Beetroot Cahoot: With a great purple colour and a horseradish kick, it’s a delicious dip or pesto and is delightful spread on salmon fillets.
  • Cucumber Blunder: Zesty and light with a gingery bite, it works perfectly with chicken, lamb fish and prawns or drizzled over salad.

Find out more including recipe inspiration at www.tanyasjustreal.com