Homestead Amongst The Hills by Anil Mistry

Living Magazines Homestead Amongst The Hills by Anil Mistry

Anil Mistry is a mixed media artist based in Berkhamsted. His work is focused on creating new interpretations of urban landscapes that are abstract in nature, compelling yet warmly familiar.

Homestead Amongst The Hills is his new limited edition print based on his home town of Berkhamsted.

As with most people, the pandemic had led Anil to spend a large amount of time at home. This was a rare opportunity so he decided to create a new piece of art using his usual style of mixed media collage based on the town where he lives.

It turned out this was easier said than done. Anil photographed the town during early morning runs and would then start to put together potential layouts and treatments over a number of months. As he had an emotional attachment to Berkhamsted and knowing so many people in the town, Anil  became very conscious about what everyone would think of his perception of the town.

‘It was a balance between how abstract and how factual the piece needed to be. The final version which you can see here was my tenth attempt! I wanted to capture key landmarks and features, the rolling hills and big skies of this  Homestead in the Hills which is a literal translation of the name Berkhamsted.’

There are two versions of the print available and both available from the website Free local delivery available on any purchase of this print by using the code ‘BerkoFree’ at the checkout.

You can follow Anil online on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @anilmistryart.