Innovative & Compelling Concept Wins Top UK Pioneering Female Award for Tring Businesswoman

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Local businesswoman, Louise Towler of Indigo Tree Digital named one of top female game-changing innovators and business leaders in UK, with national award win.

Louise Towler, Managing Director of Indigo Tree Digital – a web design and development agency located in Tring, Hertfordshire – has been recognised as one of 38 top female innovative entrepreneurs in the country.  

Announced today, Tuesday 8 March 2022, to mark International Women’s Day, each winner will be awarded a cash injection of £50,000 as well as bespoke mentoring to scale up and bring their innovative business ideas to market.

Technology entrepreneur, Louise Towler, is designing a new platform, which will empower WordPress website content editors, giving them real-time feedback during the editing process. This will inform them to make educated changes to the content of their site to prevent accessibility issues before they even occur.

Latest technologies will be used to compress and optimise media and reduce page weight. It will offer real-time reporting to the content editor on the resulting CO2 savings.

Louise Towler, Managing Director of Indigo Tree Digital said: ‘When a content editor uploads a very large video to a web page which is missing subtitles and a transcript, they are making their website inaccessible to some of their users and it requires far more energy to deliver the page to the users’ screen. Audits are typically run on a website to check for accessibility and performance issues after the content is added whereas our platform prevents them from happening in the first place.’

An independent expert assessor of the platform reported: ‘There are clear benefits over existing market solutions – a very novel and compelling approach.

Now in its fourth year, the flagship Women in Innovation programme is backed by the UK Government to give more support to women innovators and business leaders. A total of 836 applications from across the length and breadth of the country were submitted for this year’s competition.

Emily Nott, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Innovate UK said: ‘It has continued to be a challenging year of uncertainty but these pioneering, resilient women inspire us to dream big and make an impact despite the difficulties we face.

‘Innovate UK will work alongside these winners to ensure they have the resources and support required to turn their innovative ideas and aspirations into a reality, while encouraging a new generation of women to come forward and pursue their ambitions.’

The 2021/22 competition had a two-phase assessment process. Firstly, all eligible applications were sent to up to five independent expert assessors who scored the application questions and either recommended or did not recommend an application for funding.

The highest scoring applications across each of the UK’s regions were then selected to go to interview, where the expert judging panel scored applications according to the applicant’s suitability for the award, the impact of the award on their business and how innovative the idea was.

Winner, Louise Towler of Indigo Tree Digital, said: ‘I am delighted to be a Women in Innovation winner – the mentoring will help me to develop my confidence as the leader of Indigo Tree as we grow to ensure the direction and strategy supports my ambition.

‘I hope that my award win inspires women everywhere – after all, I started building websites in my spare room originally. Now my agency has a team of 15 with over 250 clients.

‘My vision for Indigo Tree is to be the leading SME-focused WordPress agency in the UK.’

For more information, visit or contact Louise Towler on tel: 01442 877473 or by email to: