Keeping Christmas on Track – Covid-19 Vaccinations

Living Magazines Dr Jane Halpin

We’re all looking forward to spending the festive celebrations together but gathering indoors makes it easier for viruses like COVID and flu to spread.

Keep Christmas celebrations on track by protecting yourself, your friends and family from serious illness and from spreading the viruses by getting your COVID and flu jabs. It can take up to two weeks to have full immunity, so don’t delay, get your jabs now to be protected before the Christmas fun commences, is the message from NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex.

Having both vaccinations helps you to stay well, protect loved ones and ease the pressure on the NHS.

Dr Jane Halpin, Chief Executive of the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board said: ‘Each winter, we see respiratory infections causing people to become seriously ill, placing a huge strain on the NHS and social care services.

‘Having both the flu and COVID vaccinations helps to avoid spreading viruses to others and reduces disruption to our daily lives. Coming forward is particularly important for those at higher risk to help avoid serious health complications. Both vaccines are safe and effective and are our best defence against these serious illnesses.

‘The flu jab and COVID booster can even be given at the same time if this service is available to you at your GP practice or community pharmacy.

‘If you are eligible and have never had a COVID or flu vaccination before, it’s not too late to start now. You will always be welcomed. Make an appointment online, speak to a pharmacist, visit one of our local walk-in clinics or ring 119 for more information.’

People may also consider having at home a small stock of basic medicines in case needed for minor illness or injury. These may include pain killers, antihistamines, cold and flu remedies, anti-diarrhoea, and indigestion relief. Ask your local pharmacist for advice on what medicines you should keep at home.

For the latest COVID and flu vaccination information in Hertfordshire and west Essex, and to check if you are eligible: