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Tring’s ancient parish church building and its surrounding grounds right on the High Street look great and are an important part of the character of the town.

As well as looking good, important events take place there that bring the whole town together: Celebrating Tring’s 700th anniversary as a Market Town; marking the centenary of the ending of the Great War; local school events and concerts.

All old historic buildings need regular maintenance, and in a large medieval church building that doesn’t come cheap. The building also needs to be updated from time to time so that it doesn’t just look beautiful but continues to be a great place for schools, community groups and the church congregation to use and hold events.

The Friends of Tring Church Heritage (FOTCH) is a local heritage charity dedicated to maintaining Tring’s historic parish church and grounds for future generations.

Over the past 30+ years FOTCH has made grants of over £300,000 for projects ranging from repair of 600-year-old walls with local matching stone to a new sound system and modern lighting to make the building much more usable for schools and other groups.

The charity raises money mainly through holding events. Its Annual Family Fun Day in the church grounds (Saturday 11 May 2019) welcomes hundreds of children and adults. It holds Concerts at Tring Park School and Barn Dances, Quizzes, Brewery Tours and Garden Safari Days with different activities in various gardens around Tring. Hopefully something for everyone. Look out for upcoming events on the website.

Opportunities to have fun and help preserve a key Tring asset – what’s not to like?!

Call Richard Abel on 07823 535267

The Friends of Tring Church Heritage is a registered charity no. 1005442.