Latest on HS2 and Luton Airport

On behalf of the Steering Group, Chiltern Countryside Group:

We certainly live in challenging times but let us go forward in hope that our newly elected Government will make wise and thoughtful decisions. This is a golden opportunity for us to make a difference and try to positively influence those in positions of responsibility. Whilst environmental concerns have often been seen as ‘poor relations’ to other, seemingly more important issues, now globally and locally, leaders and organisations are recognising climate change is real and there appears to be genuine movement to change, protect and reduce desecration and pollution.

What we can do:


The Oakervee Review has once again been delayed, which could be interpreted as Government procrastination and lack of confidence in its findings. Certainly there’s been much in the national press over recent weeks and significantly this weekend on this, notably in the Sunday Telegraph, whilst Lord Tony Berkeley, formerly Deputy Chair, has disassociated himself from the Oakervee Review, publishing his own report which significantly criticises the project.

To view Lord Berkeley’s report, use this link


WRITE TO YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, especially IF HE OR SHE IS NEWLY ELECTED. They are unlikely to be fully aware of the impact HS2 will have on the Chilterns and we need to be sure they KNOW! Please feel free to use any of the information in the many submissions on HS2 posted on the CCG website as well as key information on latest Cost Benefit Ratio figures given in Lord Berkeley’s report. The cost is eye-watering and the environmental damage unjustified.

London Luton Airport

Another Planning Application to vary Planning Condition 10 has been lodged with LBC.

A third Planning Application to vary Planning Condition 10 of the original consent under Planning Permission 15/00950/VARCON to expand LLA has once again been submitted by LLAL to Luton Borough Council, which, as you probably know, is owner of the airfield site. This third application continues the Operator’s ambition to increase noise contours as a means of avoiding further breach of this Planning Condition.

We know many of you will have objected to the last 2 applications and as the substance of this third one, so far as we can tell, remains unchanged from the previous 2, once again CCG has submitted a strong objection to any variation of this, and indeed, any other Planning Conditions.

Meanwhile, we still await a reply to our continued formal request submitted to LLAL in the CCG consultation response requesting an extension of time, due to the General Election, so that newly elected MPs can make an informed response to the Statutory Consultation, Dec 2019 on ‘Making the Best Use of our Runway’. Thanks to all of you who found the time in the busy pre-Christmas period to submit your own personal responses to this. The CCG response can be viewed on the Group’s website.
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