Letter to Editor from Breast Cancer Now

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A letter to our editor from Rachael Franklin, Director of Fundraising, Communications and Engagement, Breast Cancer Now.

In the UK, 1,000 people die from breast cancer every month – that’s 1,000 too many.

Most of those deaths are from secondary breast cancer, which occurs when breast cancer cells spread from the first (primary) cancer in the breast to other parts of the body. Secondary breast cancer can be treated but not cured, so we urgently need to do more for people affected by this incurable disease.

Breast Cancer Now is calling on readers to pledge to raise £1,000 by 31 December – from bake sales, to getting sponsored to walk or run, however you choose to raise the funds you’ll make a difference by supporting research, care and campaigns for anyone affected by incurable breast cancer.

We need more research

Every day in the lab brings us closer to a future where everyone with breast cancer lives and is supported to live well. Help us get there faster.

We must ensure no-one faces secondary breast cancer alone

There are an estimated 35,000 people living with secondary breast cancer in the UK, but without an accurate, up-to-date figure, we’re missing insight and much-needed information about their experiences and outcomes.

We need to keep raising our voices

Last year, our campaigning efforts helped secure a secondary breast cancer audit in England and Wales, meaning for the first time we will know the number of people living with this disease. This data will support the NHS to design and plan services and help to improve outcomes for people diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. This is progress. But we can’t stop there.

Living Magazines Breast Cancer Now Letter to Editor QR codeHelp us create a future where people with secondary breast cancer get more precious moments with the people they love, and to do the things they love – sign up to our £1,000 Challenge today at breastcancernow.org/1000_challenge or use the QR code to find out more.