Liberal Democrats win Harpenden & Berkhamsted

Victoria Collins MP and Daisy Cooper MP

Liberal Democrat Victoria Collins has been elected as the first MP for the newly created constituency of Harpenden and Berkhamsted, which includes Tring.

Victoria Collins was elected with 27,282 votes (50.2% of the vote) beating the Conservative candidate by 10,708 votes.

The Liberal Democrats are celebrating a historic double win in Hertfordshire with the re-election of Daisy Cooper as the MP for St Albans and the election of Victoria Collins as the first MP for the newly created constituency of Harpenden and Berkhamsted.

At the election count held at Batchwood Sports Centre in St Albans, Victoria Collins said thank you to everyone who voted for change and put their faith in her, as well as those who lent their vote and is honoured to be an MP who will put local people first.

Victoria Collins, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Harpenden & Berkhamsted, said: ‘I am honoured to be elected as the first ever Member of Parliament for the new constituency of Harpenden and Berkhamsted. This area is my home, and I am so proud to represent the area.

‘Thank you to everyone who has voted for change and put their faith in me, as well as those who lent me their vote and for so many people who supported the campaign.

‘From Long Marston to Jersey Farm, from Flamstead to Sandridge you have told me about the struggles you’re facing over health and social care, the cost of living crisis and your concern for our polluted chalk streams and environment. As your new MP, I’m determined to fight for a fair deal for our part of Hertfordshire.

‘My priorities are to fix our broken health and social care, help families and businesses with the cost-of-living crisis and end the sewage scandal. I know, however, you have many more concerns including: a failure to support children with special educational and disability needs, unsolved crimes or the expansion of Luton. I will be your local champion fighting for your causes on a national stage.’

Photo: Victoria Collins, MP for Harpenden & Berkhamsted and Daisy Cooper, MP for St Albans, with supporters at the count.