Lidl Reaches out to Residents

View-of-Lidl store-frontage-from-the-customer-car-park

Supermarket giant Lidl has amended its recent plans for a new store at Icknield Way, and called on residents to have their say on the new submission before it is sent in to Dacorum Borough Council.

Following feedback on its initial plans, the discount food store withdrew its original planning application, and following community consultation on the revised store proposals, will re-submit a planning application to Dacorum Borough Council.

Lidl has sent consultation leaflets out to Tring residents outlining the changes and asking for further comment.

The new design is 354 sq m smaller (shorter and narrower) than originally proposed (now 1,840 sqm – about the size of seven tennis courts), which Lidl says has allowed it to ‘increase landscaping and create a new area of green space and tree-planting along Sears Drive.’ The building is also 5m further away from neighbouring properties and the delivery access has been located as far away as possible from residents. Walls will be constructed from red brick and flint and cladding painted a dark grey.

The customer entrance will be near Sears Drive and Lidl is including a wider footpath network to allow easier access for pedestrians, and cycle parking to encourage sustainable travel, and a wider road access from Icknield Way onto Sears Drive.

Lidl claims the new site will offer up to 40 new jobs.

The consultation leaflet also added that there would be one or two deliveries a day, with no night-time activity, and car park lights will be switched off at night, and lighting directed away from neighbouring properties.

Lidl has also commissioned new traffic surveys for an updated transport assessment for Herts County Council to examine.

If you would like to comment on the proposals online, head to