Lip Reading for All

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Did you know that one in six people in this country have some kind of hearing problem?

Molly Berry, who is profoundly deaf, started losing her hearing in her 30s, and nine years ago was given a cochlear implant. Now, she’s offering lip reading classes to others who need it in Tring and the surrounding areas.

‘Hearing loss can affect anyone of any age. Hearing aids have improved enormously; they use all the advances in modern technology, but even the best aids don’t cure hearing loss. It is still a problem to hear in noisy social or work environments, but all is not lost. Research has shown that joining a lipreading class helps to avoid the damaging social isolation that can accompany hearing loss and increase your chance of developing dementia.’

The new Tring class is on Tuesday mornings at the Nora Grace Hall. To book your free taster session call or text Molly on 07741 095921 or