Local Artists are Shaping the Herts Art Scene

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Local artists have been giving ideas to the Herts Visual Arts Forum. The county-wide community for artists and makers who love art wanted feedback about the support it offers and ideas for the future. Our artists delivered!

‘We are grateful to everyone who have their thoughts about HVAF,’ says Sally Taylor, Chair of the Herts Visual Arts Forum. ‘We work hard to establish a supportive community of creatives and an inclusive programme of events. However, it’s what our members think that really matters.

‘Two themes were incredibly important to our artistic community,’ explains Sally. ‘The first was opportunities to showcase and sell work. We offer several events including Herts Open Studios which is extremely popular throughout the county, involving exhibitions and workshops.

‘The second theme was community. Our members value the opportunity to network with, and learn from, like-minded people who love art. From regional meetups to webinars, we support each other in developing and selling our work.’

Sally adds: ‘We hope that by building on what really matters to our members, we can encourage other people who love art to get involved.’

Are you an established or budding artist? Would you like to show or sell your work? Maybe you love art and want to know more about it? Visit www.hvaf.org.uk to find out more.