Local Firm Launches Innovative Sustainability Software

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Internet usage accounts for almost four per cent of global carbon emissions.

With this startling fact in mind – along with a drive to make a positive change for her clients and the planet – Louise Towler, Founder of Tring-based Indigo Tree Digital and Women In Innovation Award Winner 2022, launched the team’s innovative new WordPress extension, Kanoppi, to clients, associates, family and friends at the Sunnyside Rural Trust, the firm’s charity partner, on the evening of Tuesday 18 July 2023.

After an introduction from Emma Power, COO of Sunnyside, and an overview from Louise about how Kanoppi helps WordPress editors measure a website’s carbon footprint, identifying pages where the most impact can be gained, Indigo Tree’s Engineering Director Paul Wong-Gibbs treated guests to a short demonstration, over drinks and canapes.

The project has been supported by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Innovate UK and the University of Hertfordshire.

Louise recently spoke at WordCamp Europe in Athens and how WordPress website owners can play their part in digital sustainability, benefitting website users, businesses and the planet.

Louise Towler of Indigo Tree Digital said: ‘No single action can stop climate change, but we can all play a part.’

Did you know that if the internet was a country, it would be the 4th largest polluter?

David Hawes, co-founder of Hemel Hempstead based Net Zero International said: ‘There is a real WOW moment when people hear this statistic; most people don’t think of their data as having emissions but of course with all the storage and electricity that’s used, the impact is incredible.’

If you would like more information on how Louise and her team can help with your carbon reduction plan and to book a demo of Kanoppi, visit www.kanoppi.co, call 01442 877473 or email hello@kanoppi.co.

Image credit: Rebecca Fennell Photography