Local Ladies Stirring Things up in the Kitchen

Living Magazines Mindfull Meals Group pic in front of Hob

The Mindfull Meals website is about to go live and they are very excited to be bringing you a considered selection of healthy homemade dishes they think you will love!

Fliss, Kelly and Ruth are a trio of ladies who are passionate about food and entertaining. Fed up of trying every fad diet known to the industry, the bland chicken breasts and shakes just weren’t cutting it! Ordering a healthy Saturday night takeaway was also a challenge and they felt like there was a huge gap they’d be delighted to fill with healthy, homemade nutritious lunches and dinners. They don’t shy away from any food group as they believe life is about balance and this is what they’ve tried to achieve in their meals so you don’t have to. You know if you’ve worked out, your body would appreciate the carbs, and if you’ve got a day at your desk a lower calorie or higher protein meal would be a better choice.

They have spent many evenings at each other’s homes working on some great recipes and they think you’ll love them all.

So, save yourself some time shopping, prepping, cooking and clearing and give yourself more quality time with your friends and family over a delicious lunch or evening meal. Meals are prepared in portions for 1, 2 or 4 people.

Mindfull Meals can be ordered via the website mindfullmeals.co.uk (from 23 September) or via Facebook. Order Thursday for a Monday delivery or Wednesday for a Friday delivery.

If you are local to Pitstone, you can collect your order hot off the hob!

All that’s then left to do is pop a cork and invite your friends over!

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