Local NHS Urges People to get the Best Defence ahead of World Cup

Living Magazines Dr Jane Halpin

The NHS in Hertfordshire is urging everyone to get vaccinated ahead of the World Cup. The football tournament – closely followed by Christmas and the New Year – will provide plenty of opportunities for people to get together. Getting vaccinated means that people can meet up to celebrate without worrying about spreading Covid or flu.

Dr Jane Halpin, CEO of Hertfordshire and west Essex integrated Care Board, said: ‘Many of us may be coming together in the next few weeks to cheer on England, Wales or other teams at World Cup.

‘But we also know that crowds are what viruses like best, whether that is the common cold, flu or even Covid.

‘So the best possible defence will be vital – not just on the pitch, but at home too.

‘If you are eligible for a Covid or flu vaccination this autumn, make sure you are going into the tournament match fit by topping up your protection.

‘We are making it easier than ever for people to book Covid and flu jabs at dozens of sites and pop-up clinics across the Hertfordshire through the NHS website or by calling 119.

‘They can save your life and keep you out of hospital.

‘So don’t score an own goal this World Cup, take a shot now so you can enjoy the football – along with Christmas and the New Year.’

Find out more about local vaccinations at https://hertsandwestessexics.org.uk/covid-19-and-flu.