Lockdown Chelsea Flower Crown Video

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We asked artisan florist, Alyson Suddick of Olive & Rose based in Mentmore, if she’d like to provide us with some words in celebration of what would have been the start of Chelsea Flower Show today. She went one better and recorded this delightful video showing everyone how to make a flower crown!

Here’s the steps below:

  1. Have a hunt round your garden and find some small leaved long-lasting foliage – I used ivy. Cut a few stems of your favourite flower, a rose or two would be perfect, buds also look beautiful in a flower crown.  Place the foliage and flowers in water to have a good drink.
  2. Make a circlet, I used florist’s wire and tape but you could use a couple of bendy stems and tie together.  Rosemary, willow or a long stem of ivy would do the job.
  3. Cut your ivy into 3-4 inch pieces, longer if you want to make it a little wild looking. I wired my ivy and taped them (taping makes the stems last longer as it seals in the water the stem has taken up) but if you don’t have tape then just tie bunches of your ivy around the circlet either with florist’s wire or even garden twine (just make sure it’s tight). Place one bunch to the left of the circlet, then one right and then one on top so it looks full. Repeat all the way round. The more bunches you put in the fuller your crown will look.
  4. Cut your flowers so you have about 1 ½ inches of stem showing and again wire and tape if you can. If you don’t have wire and tape just push them through your foliage. Whichever way you do it make them as secure as possible by winding round or tying onto an existing stem.
  5. Wear and enjoy – have a virtual festival in your garden or just sit in the sun looking fabulous!

We’d love to see photos of your marvellous flower crowns, tag us both on Instagram or Facebook @oliveandroseflorist @livingmagazines

Olive and Rose Florist is an artisan florist based in Mentmore near Tring. Alyson launched Olive & Rose in June of last year and deliver beautiful bouquets to Tring, Berkhamsted, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding villages. She also offers flower subscriptions, funeral work and weddings. At intervals throughout the year she also offers small friendly group flower workshops at her home (or yours). Her Christmas wreath Workshops were hugely popular last year. No experience required! She also makes her own ‘hand poured’ candles – which are delicious! What a talented lady!

Although she’s not delivering flowers at the moment due to COVID, she hopes to be up and running again very soon. She’s still working though, planning for the future and conducting wedding consultations, which obviously will be face to face as soon as she can. So please get in touch if you wish to chat through any flowery that needs you have.

Email: info@oliveandrose.co.uk

Tel: 01296 661488