Lockdown Leads to Local Luxury Sustainable Business Now It’s Mine

Living Magazines Bernie and Rosie Montague of Now It's Mine

For all fashion lovers who are looking for excellent authentic second-hand designer items to complement their existing wardrobe. There is also a personal consignment service to sell any designer items via the website and social media platforms. Also offering a mobile authentication service.

Mother and Daughter Bernie and Rosie Montague decided to capitalise on Rosie’s expertise as an experienced handbag specialist and authenticator to create a local sustainable fashion business. After leaving a prestigious auction house in London it seemed the right time to create a business and pursue her passion for handbags and accessories.

Now It’s Mine is an exciting new venture established in lockdown. Their philosophy is ‘Resale not Retail’. It encapsulates their commitment to sustainability by rejecting fast fashion. Not only can people buy the likes of Classic Chanel flap bags and Louis Vuitton monogram classics, people can also consign their pre-loved designer handbags and accessories AND in the coming weeks there will be a rental service where you can rent any of the beautiful items on the website from 1 day upwards.

Fashion represents 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions. It’s incredible but many items are disposed of within a year of purchase, and with the Instagram culture may only be worn once. Wearing one item of clothing for 9 months or longer reduces our carbon footprint by 30%. It takes 2,700 litres of water to make a T shirt, enough for one person to drink for 900 days. The Luxury second-hand market is worth £19bn and is set to grow to £40bn by 2023. 

They are currently selling via the website and through Instagram and Facebook. Now It’s Mine will also be launching pop up shops in St Albans and surrounding areas.

Whilst the website allows them to distribute throughout the UK, they are very much a local St Albans and Hertfordshire business. Now It’s Mine is looking to build a network of luxury fashion lovers who understand the importance of the circular economy.

With a plethora of websites selling luxury designer items the risk of buying a ‘Super Fake’ has never been greater. Now It’s Mine offers a solution by guaranteeing to sell only 100% authentic goods. This is demonstrated in their commitment to provide a multilayer formal authentication process and a money back guarantee.

Visit the website, follow them on Instagram, their Facebook page and Facebook group. Sign up to their Newsletter to hear about the upcoming local pop up shops and handbag rental service.

‘It just makes sense,’ said Rosie. ‘We must all be more committed to sustainability. Fast fashion has got out of hand and the quality of the handbags and accessories that we are selling lend themselves to be recycled rather than discarded, by nature they have longevity – they are timeless.’