Lussmanns Official Restaurant Partner of National Salad Week

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Hertfordshire’s award-winning sustainable restaurant group has been selected to be the official restaurant partner of National Salad Week, taking place between 1-7 June.

Unbeleafable, the first salad range grown in a vertical farm to be available in Tesco and other major UK supermarkets, has launched National Salad Week for the UK to encourage the UK to celebrate everything that is great, nutritious and healthy about this most versatile food.

Lussmanns has been chosen to be a partner for National Salad Week as it shares the same beliefs towards sustainability as the team behind Unbeleafable. The salad range is grown in a highly controlled indoor environment at their vertical farm in Kent, using state-of-the-art technology and 100% renewable energy to create the perfect conditions – a Mediterranean spring day – every day to grow salad leaves.

The bagged salads are harvested, grown and packed at the farm significantly reducing food miles. The leaves are grown without using pesticides and are not chlorine washed unlike other bagged salads; processes that degrade the quality of salad leaves.

For this reason, the leaves are tastier, crisper and stay fresher for longer, helping people to cut down on food waste linked to bagged salads, which is great news as a recent survey* has found that waste is a big issue with salads in the UK, with Brits admitting to throwing away a huge 75% of the salads they buy, because they don’t last long enough and go limp and slimy.

Lussmanns has been pioneering sustainable dining since it opened its first restaurant in 2022, championing local sourcing, promoting organic, high-welfare farming and serving MSC-certified fish. The five restaurants run on green energy, they recycle 100% of all waste and support a wide range of charities. Lussmanns purpose-led efforts have been noticed by the food and drink industry, winning multiple awards for its sustainability focus over the years.

Andrei Lussmann, founder and MD of Lussmanns Sustainable Kitchen, said: ‘We are thrilled to partner with Unbeleafable for National Salad Week, not only to celebrate the popularity and versatility of salad, but also to support another purpose-led business like ours that is putting the planet first in everything that it does.’

Lisa Harrison, head of marketing Unbeleafable, said: ‘When we were looking for a restaurant partner for National Salad Week, Lussmanns was the only choice. They have serious credentials when it comes to putting sustainability at the heart of their business and have won many awards for this. They prioritise sourcing local food from companies that share the same ethos as them, so they ticked all the right boxes for us.’

Unbeleafable has launched National Salad Week in the UK, which runs from 1-7 June.

* This research of 2,000 Britons was commissioned by Unbeleafable and conducted by Perspectus Global during March 2024.