Luton Airport Planning Permission 15/00950/VARCON Update

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Our Winter issues contain an update on the Luton Airport situation but, in the meantime, we have received a further letter from Luton Borough Council with regards to accommodating 19 million passengers per annum and day and night noise concerns under the above reference.

These matters will be considered at a Development Management Committee Meeting on 30 November 2021 and in the case of business not being concluded by 10pm, will reconvene on 1 December 2021. Both meetings will commence at 6pm. The meeting will be hybrid and you are able to attend in person at the Town Hall or join remotely. The officer’s recommendation is for Application Permitted. The officer’s report will be available from 5pm on Friday 19 November 2021 and will be found using the Committees section at:

There will be one opportunity for each of the following to speak on the application:

  • Interest groups (comprising someone wh has made representations on behalf of a group of people based on technical expertise)
  • Interested parties
  • The applicant

Each party can register to speak regardless of the recommendation. Please note that councillors do not have to accept the officer’s recommendation, but where this happens, they must give reasons why they have overturned the recommendation.

How to Register to Speak

Requests to register for the Right to Speak should be submitted by emailing, or by written request to the address shown on this link, or by telephone (01582 546032/01582 546781/01582 547149), to be received before 5.30pm on 23 November 2021.

If someone submitting a request to speak does not qualify to speak at the Committee Meeting they will be informed on 24 November 2021.

Registration Checklist

  • Email, or by telephone or by written request to be received before 5.30pm on 23 November 2021
  • Provide the Application reference number and address of the item you wish to speak on and whether you are an individual or an Interest Group
  • Confirm whether you will be attending in person or remotely and please provide your preferred email address and telephone number. Your email address will be used to send you a Microsoft Teams meeting link to connect to the meeting. Your phone number will be used to contact you of your remote connection fails once the meeting is in progress