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Mighty Netball have been running for almost 6 years now, starting as a small netball class for toddlers and young children in Berkhamsted, growing into a large organisation for primary-aged children in 14 venues across the south of England. Mighty Netball educates hundreds of children every weekend.

It was started by 2 mums, co-founders Corinne and Laura who met through their passion for sport and playing netball together. Corinne’s then 4-year-old daughter was desperate to play sport like her mum, but adamantly didn’t want to play what she perceived as ‘boys’ sport’ regardless of Corinne’s encouragement. Corinne suggested netball, which was approved by her daughter but there didn’t appear to be anything out there for this young age group. Not letting this get in her way, Corinne decided to start something herself. Netball teammate Laura offered to be Corinne’s business partner and a brilliant partnership was formed.

Mighty Netball now delivers engaging sporting experiences for children aged 3 to 11 years old.

Corinne and Laura say: ‘We teach the fundamentals of netball through creative, play-based sessions that promote personal and social development.

‘We are non-competitive, meaning we are not a club and we don’t enter leagues or play matches outside of our organisation. This was a considered decision to ensure all children reap the benefits of sport regardless of ability or experience.

‘We are also 100% inclusive. This makes us unique in that we are non-selective and give all children the same opportunities to learn the fundamental skills of netball and sport to carry through life. Children are then perfectly armed to go on and play netball at school or clubs when they graduate from Mighty Netball if they wish, and almost always do.

‘As we all know, sport and exercise is incredibly beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing. Children don’t even realise how much sport impacts them so positively, and making it fun and engaging means that healthy lifelong habits can start to form effortlessly.’

Key values taught such as kindness, sportsmanship and confidence enable children to gain vital life skills and develop long-lasting self-belief through team play. There is no affiliation or membership needed to join Mighty Netball, meaning children can go for a free trial session at any time of the year, providing the session has space.