Mike Penning Congratulates Boris Johnson on Becoming PM

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Hemel Hempstead MP, Sir Mike Penning, congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming the new Leader of the Conservative Party yesterday ahead of becoming Prime Minister today.

Sir Mike, who backed Boris from the start of the campaign, said: ‘I am delighted that Boris secured such a resounding victory in the leadership campaign. With the support of over half of Conservative MPs and 66% of the membership, he is in a good position to deliver on his commitment to secure Brexit by 31 October.

‘Leaving the EU by the end of October will help restore trust in the Conservatives and allow us to build on our already strong economy, record employment and record funding for the NHS and embark on a bold domestic agenda including tax reform and a focus on improving education.

‘With an upbeat, optimistic leader who believes in Britain, we can reunite the country and create more wealth and opportunity for everyone in the United Kingdom.

‘I strongly believe we have a bright future ahead.’

The result of the Conservative Party leadership election was announced in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. Boris Johnson secured 92,153 votes (66.34%) and Jeremy Hunt 46,656 votes (33.6%).