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Living in this part of Hertfordshire we are very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. Majestic beech woodlands and rolling fields surrounded by rich hedgerows full of wildlife, yet we are just a short journey away into the bustle of London.

Notion Jewellery captures the essence of the woodlands in gold and silver, taking inspiration from the beautiful countryside that surrounds this area. Caroline Hendry-Smith started Notion Jewellery six and a half years ago after her son returned from his gap year with gems and silver from India to start a business.

She suggested to him that he needed to understand the processes of making jewellery, so they both attended a Contemporary Jewellery Class at Queen’s Park Centre in Aylesbury to learn more about it. Six months later Caroline had applied for her Hallmark with the London Assay Office and the rest is history!

Notion Jewellery oak leaf and acornCaroline now specialises in creating woodland-themed jewellery in both silver and gold and has an ever-growing collection of woodland leaves and seeds including oak, acorns, beech, sycamore and even blackberries and apples. She can also cast her designs in your own sentimental metal from heirloom jewellery. All her leaves and seeds are cast from local trees and plants in and around Ashridge and Tring, using various methods to capture the natural essence of nature.

To start with she takes a silicon mould of both sides of the leaves and then uses silver clay to make a master. As the leaves are often too big to be worn at their actual size, the silver clay masters are then 3D scanned and reduced in size, printed in high resolution resin and then cast using a lost wax casting method. Caroline can also create jewellery from your own leaves if you have a tree or plant that has a special meaning for you.

For more information you can visit or follow on Instagram @notionjewellery.