National Consumer Week 2021

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It’s National Consumer Week and this year’s theme is about misleading environmental and energy efficiency claims.

Citizens Advice are encouraging people to ‘be wise to being green’. It’s important that we take steps to be more environmentally friendly, like making our homes more energy efficient and installing technologies like solar panels. It can save money in the long run, is good for the environment and is part of how we can meet our UK climate change target.

But it’s also important that people feel confident when they’re making these decisions. That’s why Citizens Advice are raising awareness of how people can protect themselves from misleading energy efficiency and environmental claims, and providing information to help consumers to make the best decisions.

Some of the main issues include:  Fraudulent traders pretending to offer government grants; the mis-selling or pressure selling of energy improvement services or goods, including services that may not be appropriate for the consumer; companies making misleading claims.

Visit the Citizens Advice website at Being a confident eco-friendly consumer – Citizens Advice for a range of advice to help you to be a savvy green consumer.

Sometimes things still go wrong, and if they do they’re there to help. Get in touch with the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133 or visit for more support.