National Licensing Week

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Dacorum Borough Council is taking part in National Licensing Week, running from 17-21 June, which is an initiative that aims to raise public awareness of licensing and its role in our everyday lives.

Licensing is everywhere and matters whether we’re jumping into a taxi, eating from a street trader, buying a pint or glass of wine, getting a tattoo, piercing or massage, buying a pet, gambling or giving to charity and many other activities. All of these types of businesses have a licence or registration, issued by their local council.

During National Licensing Week, Dacorum Borough Council officers will visit and work with local licensed businesses to provide advice on best practice and good compliance, ensuring they know the law and how to follow it.

Dacorum Borough Council has worked with other councils in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and the Better Business for All Partnership to produce a simple guide for the local businesses that they license, which will be made available during the visits.

For further information about licensing please see Dacorum Borough Council’s website: