New App Launched to Combat Terrorism

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The Mayor of London has launched a pilot for a new smartphone app that has been developed in partnership with Counter Terrorism Policing.

The iREPORTit app will enable people across the country to report terrorist content online quickly, easily and anonymously to the police using their smartphone.

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a rise in online disinformation which has been used by extremists of all persuasions to promote hate and violence.

The attacks last year in Reading and Streatham, and multiple plots foiled by the police and security services, demonstrated that terrorism is still a real threat to our communities – the national threat level remains at substantial meaning an attack is likely.

The iREPORTit app will allow people to refer worrying or disturbing content easily, effectively and, crucially, completely anonymously. There should be no safe space for terrorists online and the Counter Terrorist Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) have a team of specially trained officers who can assess each referral and take appropriate action.

Visit the Counter Terrorism Policing website to download the app.